Babysitting and Child-minder

Registered childminders look after one or more children under the age of 8. Always minimum of 3 hours per visit. They do this in a domestic setting (normally their own home) for payment.

Registered childminders are inspected by Zivnostensky odbor. Registered childminders are usually self-employed and run their own business.

Although every day will be different, a childminder’s typical day may include:

  • visiting a park, museum, library or playgroup
  • arranging fun and stimulating learning activities, such as dressing-up, creative play, reading, and celebrating cultural events from around the world
  • providing meals and snacks for the children, involving them in food preparation and menu choices
  • taking children to and from school or clubs
  • working with other local childminders to organise group activities.

Childminding is a dynamic and evolving career so, once you’ve got your new business up and running, there are plenty of courses and training opportunities that will develop your knowledge and confidence.

One time Babysitting


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Our Cancellation and Payment Policies


*There is a 3 hour minimum for Klara Agency babysitters.

* Hourly rate is 280 CZK per hour / for one family

*Late Booking Fee: 300CZK per hour (for a request form submitted 24 hrs prior to the job start time)

*Cancellation Fee:  Less than 24 hours notice is 50% of the sitting fee.  Less than 12 hours notice is 100% of the sitting fee.

* After 11 pm we charge a transportation fee 400 CZK

* If you have a question that is not answered at the bottom of the form, or you are booking a last-minute babysitting request and would like to confirm that the form has been viewed immediately, feel free to text or call our Placement Manager at 0042 0 603 475 901, after submitting this form.
Thank you!