Why to work with Klara Agency?

We have been working in this field since 1997. We have been permanently following new possibilities and trends, listening to our clients and colleagues. We are both honoured and happy to work in the field of family and household services. Our employees are being encouraged and enabled to educate themselves constantly in Psychology, Pedagogy, First Aid and Arts. We prefer a long-time cooperation based on mutual trust, respect and other moral values.

Contact us in case of your interest in the cooperation. 1. Please fill in the application form. 2. Send us your CV, photo and the references.

If you need a help with the trade License, contact us.

The definition of Trade license means you are an independent, self – employed person, in your own name with the purpose of making a profit. Documents needed:

    • your criminal history background (your criminal record/excerpt from the Penal register)
    • your passport
    • signed statement from your landlord that you can use your home address for business purposes
    • your rental agreement or accomodation confirmation (with a clearly stated section that shows the duration of the lease)
    • you need to fill in the application form for the trade license

Depending on what you are getting your Živnostenský list for, you may need to show proof of education or professional experience. All documents not in Czech must be officially translated into Czech and legalized. Particulars of the application may not be older than 90 days.

After you submit all the required documents, the license is processed within one week.

Before you start doing business you must register with the financial office to receive your tax ID number called IČ. You are also obliged to register with the social security office and pay social insurance every month.

Taxes are due by March 31 every following year.

With a power of attorney, we are able to arrange Živnostenský list for you.

We charge 6 200 CZK plus individual fees max. 3000 CZK (translation, notary fees etc. – these fees are mostly absent)

For further information don´t hesitate to contact us!

Long-term Job for the Household Services


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