What is a nanny share?

A nanny share is when a nanny works for two families, caring for children from both families together at the same time. Parents share nannies to give their children someone to play with, to give their nanny a pay rise, and to save on childcare costs.

How much does it cost?

Nanny shares cost each family around 1500 Kč for a full day of care (usually from 8am – 6pm). This is still 40% less, than regular nanny cost. This is a total cost and includes all tax and national insurance. The cost can vary depending on the experience level of your nanny, whether the parents split the cost 50/50 and a few other factors. The cost of a nanny share depends on the nanny’s net pay, the taxes and the number of hours you share for. We then charge one time arrangement fee on top of this for contract setup and the administration.

Nanny versus nursery

There are pros and cons to both. In short, nanny share has the advantage of nursery in that you’re not tied to the opening days/hours of the nursery, your child can still get care if they are sick (nurseries won’t let sick children attend but will still charge), you don’t need to rush to get the child to somewhere on time (your nanny can take over a semi-dressed child as you run out the door), and you don’t need to be back at the nursery for a specific pick-up time (nannies are more flexible).

How many children can a nanny look after at once?

There isn’t a legal limit on the number of children, but a nanny can only look after two families’ children at once. In practical terms, the key question is how many children the nanny feels they can look after. This will likely depend on the ages of the children, their temperament or needs, and the nanny’s experience. Shares with two or three children in total are most common.

Who hosts the share?

Usually, both families’ houses are used for the share. However, families can agree something different. For example, if one family has a parent working from home they may prefer the share to always be at the other house.

Who provides the equipment like double buggies?

Sometimes one of the families will want to buy a double buggy (or if they expect to have a second child at some point). Alternatively, the costs can be split. Families are expected to provide nappies, wipes, and formula for their own children if required, and may agree to make a contribution towards food.

Can we get help with contracts, tax and insurance?

Yes – We take care of all of these things. The process is simple for you as we work in the background to sort out these details.

What happens if one of the kids gets sick?

We recommend that sick children still get looked after as part of the share. This is a major benefit of nannies over other forms of childcare such as nurseries and childminders, who will send sick children home. Usually children are contagious well before showing symptoms anyway, so they’ve probably already passed it on. It´s same as sick child in the family.

What happens if the nanny gets sick?

Nanny sickness is rarely convenient but it’s easier to deal with in a nanny share than in a sole nanny situation. That’s because nanny shares involve two families as backup, so it’s more likely that one of the adults can take a day off and look after the children without it being a total disaster. From a payments perspective, our blog has more information on what happens if your nanny is sick.