Grunsberg Jewellery

Inspired by love, by creation and by responsibility to family tradition – all of this stands behind the rebirth of the company Grunsberg Jewellery.

Company Vision

Our wish is to return elegance to the Czech Republic in the form of original and perfectly artistically crafted jewels decorated with quality stones of a verified origin. The story of Grungsberg Jewellery began in 1894, largely due to the skill and business talent of our ancestor Eduard von Grunsberg, a well-respected jeweller and businessman in Prague. It is an honour to continue with the tradition of this jeweller family and to continue in the tradition of the Grunsberg Jewellery brand.

A Timeline with Milestones and History


Eduard von Grunsberg founded a jewellery workshop and opened the first store in Prague


Rediscovery of the family coat of arms – museum of Prague city


Registration of the trademark ”MG”


Reopening of the store in Prague


Klara Grunsberg began working in the team of Grunsberg Jewellery as a designer. She is known for crafting timelessly elegant jewels. All of her jewels also contain a message of deeper meaning.


We began importing unique diamonds from Antwerp for you


The iconic collection CREATION was introduced to the market ON