Butler course

For corporations, residences, hotels, ambassadors, diplomatic services etc. we provide training for the following positions:

  • VIP assistants
  • Attaché
  • Concierge
  • Majordom
  • Spa managers
  • Modern Butlers
  • We operate in Europe, England, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Borneo.



  • How to keep the budget for a client
  • Residence operation management
  • Preparing the client’s daily programme
  • Human resources recruitment for the client
  • Conducting the job interview
  • Residence operation management during the holidays
  • Handling appointments on behalf of the client
  • Preparing the client for travel
  • How to properly work with the client and conduct an appropriate dialogue
  • Proper clothing
  • How to present properly
  • How to treat properly expensive and historical objects



The training is provided by Mr. Horák who has been working in the Czech Republic for the last 4 years, having returned after almost 20 years abroad. Since then, he has been working in a private company where he is in charge of both personal and business matters of the company’s owner. At the same time, he manages the development part of the company and the provision of company’s events or parties for the company’s clients.


Mr. Horák worked for 12 years as a Global Residence Manager for one of the wealthiest Egyptian businessmen and his family. This kept him constantly travelling between Egypt and the United States. This position included everyday communication with over 40 employees all over the world (F&B department, housekeeping, engineering, and security department).



His work and experiences are further based on:

  • Hosting and organising private and formal parties, dinners, and corporate events.
  • Supervising the staff of the residences or catering companies.
  • Being constantly available for the full support and personal services for the owner and his family.
  • Overseeing a collection of art paintings worth over $50mil


At the beginning, Mr. Horák worked at the position of Bar Manager for MSC Cruise Line for 4 years where he managed 80 bar employees, 15 different nationalities and supervised 13 bars. This was followed by a job offer at Silver Sea Cruises for the position of Asst.FB Manager where High Silver Service was provided for the word’s top VIP guests and where the quality and personal approach took precedence over quantity. Here, he was in his position responsible for the complete bar service. It was here where he met his future Egyptian employer. Mr. Horák graduated from a private hotel school with a focus on management and speaks Czech, English, Spanish, German, and Arabic.

We are happy to announce the opening of our new branch at Malajsya. This branch is operating in #malajsya, #singapore, #philippines, #indonesia, #hongkong,#barma, #vietnam.