A housekeeper is responsible for the general management and running of a household or hotel, in particular ensuring that all staff working within the premises carry out their jobs correctly and efficiently.

Being a housekeeper is a very demanding job. The main task is to ensure that all jobs within the house or hotel are completed in time and to the best possible standard, and for this reason the housekeeper has to oversee all staff working on the premises.


A lot of staff will usually be working within the house or hotel, although the exact amount depends on the size of the property. The housekeeper is responsible for all of these staff, and their job includes recruiting, dismissing, training and supervising them, as well as drawing up shift rotas and determining the salary for each of them. It is also the role of the housekeeper to discipline any members of staff if necessary.

The housekeeper must inspect any work which has been carried out around the house or hotel to ensure that it is of the highest possible standard. This will probably be done on a weekly or monthly basis, with a lower member of staff usually having the responsibility of ensuring that the house or hotel is presentable on a daily basis. Alternatively it may be left as the responsibility of the cleaning staff to guarantee that the house is presentable without the need for regular monitoring. In all parts of the house, there will be certain standards that need to be met, and if they are not then it is the housekeeper who will take responsibility.


One of the most important responsibilities is managing the budget for the house or hotel. The largest quantity of this budget goes towards staff pay, but the housekeeper will also have to allocate certain amounts to products that are used in the house, which could include food and cleaning equipment.

Housekeepers have to ensure that all faults in the house are recorded and that repairs are carried out accordingly. They may not be responsible for arranging for repairs to be done, but they need to be aware of everything that is happening in the property.

Strong communication skills also are necessary so that orders can be received and relayed effectively, which in turn ensures the smooth running of the property.

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