Professional governess

Professional governess is a native speaker or a fluent speaker of two languages. Regarding your wishes, we can find different of language combinations, but mainly concentrate on those fluent in English and one other language. Professional governess is a lady employed to teach, tutor and train children in a private residency. She concentrates on teaching children and their educational needs only. She is working with children from 3 years. We offering the best governesses with recognized teaching diplomas and references. Professional governess sometimes lives with the family in their home, and the family will provide Professional governess with their own bedroom, and usually their own bathroom (although they may share this with the children).

Sometimes Professional governess have separate accommodation such as a studio or flat. Nannies are able to teach children extra skills, such as skiing, sailing, multiple languages, whilst catering for all manner of dietary requirements. We place nannies worldwide as Europe, Asia, Emirates, India, Africa, Great Britain, United States.

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