Youngberry, s.r.o., a renowned trademark in the field of high quality services for demanding clients. We appreciate the confidence our clients have been showing to our agency since as early as 1997. Each of their demands and wishes has motivated us to improve the quality our our services and to search new ways. Our professional team consists only of the people who respect high moral standards and company’s ethical code, and only such candidates are being invited to join us. We will be pleased if you decide for Klara Agency.

Our reputation for professionalism has only been enhanced by the experience we have had working with VIP clients over the past 23 years. Our VIP clients have included royal families, high profile politicians, film or sports personalities. You can rely on our representatives for the utmost professionalism and discretion.

Youngberry offers proven and professional nannies, nursery teachers and private tutors  (male/female). The nannies proven by our company not only look after children, but they also bring them up. Since 2003, we have been also involved in educating children in a multilingual environment. We have been planting schools, kindergartens, and nurseries. We will help to find suitable pedagogues and capable management also for your educational institution. In the reference section you will find a list of places where they have already tried us out. We provide our clients with a complex contractual service based on applicable legislation. We operate ACROSS THREE CONTINENTS! Meet our representatives. We care about the world around us and that is why we support kids and the families in needs!

We are happy to announce the opening of our new branch at Malajsya. This branch is operating in malajsya, singapore, philippines, indonesia, hongkong, barma, vietnam.